Audio – Radio Interviews with Dr Shay Keating

Here, you’ll find audio clips of Dr Shay Keating of the Harold’s Cross Surgery, discussing various sexual health issues. Dr. Keating has spoken regularly on Irish radio stations, including Today FM, NewsTalk and RTÉ.

Dr. Shay Keating on Waterford FM speaking about the launch of World Hepatitis C day in Ireland (July 2015)

Dr. Shay Keating speak with Matt Cooper on the Afternoon Show -Today FM (January 2015)

Dr. Shay Keating – HIV Today. (July 2014)

Dr. Shay Keatings talks about HIV Testing campaign Know The Score – Get Tested. 

Dr. Shay Keatings talks about how vaccination works against the Hepatitis A and B viruses. (Broadcast: The Cosmo on RTÉ Pulse, May 28, 2014)

Dr Shay Keating talks about forms of treatment for HIV today in Ireland. (Broadcast: The Cosmo on RTÉ, March 26, 2014)

Dr. Shay Keating talks about Rapid HIV Testing. (Broadcast: The Cosmo on RTÉ Pulse, February 19, 2014)

Dr Shay Keating discusses student sexual health on campus. (Broadcast: The Last Word on Today FM, March 20, 2014)

Dr. Shay Keating, Specialist in Sexual Health, discusses Urethritis. (Broadcast: The Cosmo on RTÉ Pulse, January 8, 2014)

Dr. Shay Keating, Specialist in Sexual Health, discusses PEP and its advantages in the HIV world. (Broadcast: The Cosmo on RTÉ Pulse, December 18, 2013)

Dr. Shay Keating, Specialist in Sexual Health, talks about the current rise in Gonorrhea (Broadcast: Midlands 103FM, November 13, 2013)
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Hepatitis B- Prevention

Hepatitis B – prevention is best

This Article was written by Dr Shay Keating for the Medical Independent Source: The Medical Independent According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in July


A Mention in the Medical Independent

Recently the Medical Independent published an article, where Dr James Keating was consulted PrEP issues. “Most of our gay patients are looking for it,” Dr

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