Dr Shay Keating – Current Teaching Commitments

I am currently active in teaching in the Drug Treatment Centre Board, the HSE and the prison service to doctors, nurses, counsellors, outreach workers, pharmacists and prison officers. In addition, I lecture in Trinity College Dublin, University of Maynooth and Dublin City University to the students in addiction studies. My lecture topics include hepatitis C, with particular reference to intravenous drug users, HIV, vaccination and Sexually Transmitted Infections. I have also recently acted as medical advisor to ‘community response’ in the production of their videos on hepatitis C and pregnancy, modes of transmission and treatment titled ‘Hidden Voices’.

I contribute to the publication ‘Happiness is Vital’ by AIDS WEST. My column is titled ‘Discuss with Dr. Shay’ and I have covered such topics as syphilis infection, lymphogranuloma venereum infection, post exposure prophylaxis, pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia, human papilloma virus and hepatitis C.

James (Shay) Keating, BA Mod, MB, PhD, MRCP,Dip GUM, Dip Occ Med

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