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The STD Clinic is based in Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W (click here for directions). The clinic is run by one of Ireland’s most highly regarded experts in the field of sexual health, Dr. James (Shay) Keating, and offers confidential testing and treatment of sexually transmitted disease and infection (STD/STI).

Dr. James N. Keating
BA Mod, MB, PhD. MRCP, Dip GUM, Dip Occ Med.

Employment Summary

Dr. Keating is currently employed in The Genitourinary, Infectious Diseases Executive (GUIDE) Clinic in St. James’s Hospital as a Specialist in Genitourinary Medicine. He sees, evaluates, and treats all who present for Sexual Health review and HIV care. The unit has a very proactive research and education ethos in which he is involved.

“We offer full sexually transmitted infection screening, hepatitis vaccination, and HIV post sexual exposure HIV infection prophylaxis”.

Dr. Keating has been employed as Medical Officer to the 550 clients attending the National Drug Treatment Centre since 1996. This addiction service is the largest of its kind in the country.

At the National Drug Treatment Centre, Dr. Keating also has a large research and teaching commitment. He completed the British Diploma in Occupational Medicine, and established an Occupational Health Department for the 140 staff members of the National Drug Treatment Centre.

Dr. Keating explains:

“I established a private general practice in 1995. My patient cohort is predominantly, though not exclusively, adult male, and my particular interest is Men’s Health. I run clinics four evenings a week and provide primary care to many HIV-positive patients. I also offer primary care to many not infected with HIV. I also deliver full specialist STI testing, including on-site microscopy, and rapid HIV testing: 10 minute turn around. I perform radiosurgical genital wart and molluscum contagiosum removal, and also perform botulism toxin injection for excessive underarm perspiration.”

Current Employment

  • Medical Practitioner with special interest in Men’s Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Addiction
  • Specialist in Genitourinary Medicine, GUIDE Clinic, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin 8 
  • Medical Officer in the National Drug Treatment Centre, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 
  • Occupational Health Physician to the National Drug Treatment Centre, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 

Teaching Commitments

“I am currently active in teaching in the National Drug Treatment Centre, the HSE and the Prison Service, to doctors, nurses, counselors, outreach workers, pharmacists and prison officers.

In addition, I lecture in Trinity College Dublin, University of Maynooth, and Dublin City University to the students in addiction studies. My lecture topics include Hepatitis C, with particular reference to intravenous drug users, HIV, vaccination and Sexually Transmitted Infections. I lecture twice a year on the Sexually Transmitted Infection Foundation (STIF) course, held in St. James’ Hospital by the GUIDE Clinic. I have also recently acted as medical advisor to ‘community response’ in the production of their videos on Hepatitis C and pregnancy, modes of transmission and treatment titled ‘Hidden Voices’.

I contribute to the publication ‘Happiness is Vital’ by AIDS WEST. My column is titled ‘Discuss with Dr. Shay’ and I have covered such topics as syphilis infection, lymphogranuloma venereum infection, post exposure prophylaxis, pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia, human papilloma virus and hepatitis C. I also write a monthly article on sexual health for EILE Magazine, as well as contributing monthly to ‘The Cosmo’ on RTÉ Pulse digital radio.”

Paul Keating Strecker – an appreciation

paul keatingOn the 8th of November 2014, my longtime companion, civil partner and best friend died suddenly and unexpectedly at our house in Kilmainham, Dublin. Paul and I were together for 18 years, the best and most fulfilled years of my life.

Anyone who met Paul was immediately drawn to him, his beaming smile, his larger than life personality, his amazing good looks but mostly his honesty, empathy and his true desire to care for all who crossed his path. Paul was a hugely popular man: the massive turn out at his funeral mass evidenced this. His last day of life was spent phoning patients and friends, offering support to them in their hours of need.

Paul was blessed with many fine attributes. He was exceptionally intelligent. As a mature student he graduated with honors from Business, Economics and Social Studies, from Trinity College, Dublin in 2003. At the time of his death he was the practice manager or ‘Harold’s Cross Surgery’, the largest privately run Sexual Health service in the country. This he built from nothing and it is a testament to his huge business acumen and management skills. When I wrote on HIV or sexual health for the AIDSwest, Paul was a true help to me each time I wrote a piece for my ‘discuss with Dr. Shay’column. His advice on how to ‘pitch’ my writing was invaluable: we doctors often have a tendency to patronise or to talk over peoples’ heads. Paul kept me well grounded.

Many did not know that Paul was a champion pigeon racer, racing pigeons from the north of France to the back garden of his birth home in Clontarf and laterally to Kilmainham. At 17 years of age he was the youngest ever winner of the Miller Gold Cup, a very prestigious trophy in the pigeon racing fraternity. His 20 foot long pigeon loft is empty now except for his old pal ‘King Billy’ and a mate, which Paul always wanted to die of old age with us, at home. Paul’s dog Jack was put down three months ago. Jack followed Paul everywhere: they were truly best mates. Jack’s passing had a huge impact on Paul who cried nonstop for a week. They are together now.

As I have mentioned, Paul was very easy on the eyes and constantly defied the aging process, helped along by botox and Face creams. It is sadly ironic that he will never have to face this aging process again.

Like many of us, Paul had his demons. In life he new great suffering but never let this interfere with how he dealt with others. I truly believe that this suffering made him the kind empathic person he was. A patient of mine reminded me last week of the time he called Paul for help at 2 in the morning. Paul chatted away with him, reassuring him without ever mentioning the time. I recall many years ago my mother advising Paul that he needs two classes: one in cooking and another in self belief and assertiveness. He took neither.

I feel so alone and empty now that Paul has passed. Paul lived his life for me, to make my life easier. So too are his family and many friends saddened and shocked. Alive, Paul lived his life as best he could in the image of Christ. Ar dheis an –Athair e a anam.

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